Porcelain & Ceramic

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic with a very low absorbency. They are usually made from kaolin clays and fired at around 1,200°C, due to this high firing temperature and high density they are very hard wearing.

A majority of Porcelains are ‘rectified’, which means there will be little variation within a production run, however, different batches may vary in size slightly, so it is always advisable to purchase all necessary tiles at the same time and avoid mixing sizes of these tiles.  

Tiles referred to as Ceramic are generally fired at lower temperatures than Porcelains and usually colour glazed to give a matt or gloss finish. Unlike natural stone they do not require sealing. Porcelains range from those designed to mimic natural stone or wood, through to minimalist architectural ranges.  

Decorative & Glazed tiles come in a range of neutral tones, bold colours and intricate, beautiful designs giving a variety of shades and textures. All porcelain & ceramic tiles (including Decorative & Glazed) can exhibit size variation between batches, as well as deviation from both straightness and flatness.